Ayesha and Ricardo  first met in Brighton through their passion for yoga. We share a common interest and drive when it comes to caring for our students and we take the time to use our knowledge to do so. Our dream has always been quite simply to inspire as many people as possible who cross our paths and share our passion for yoga. 

Ayesha returned home to Sussex from London where she worked in the City and Ricardo who lived in Brighton was a cable engineer. They both loved practising Bikram yoga for a while before meeting. Together they took on the challenge to attend teacher training together, enduring 9 weeks of Bikram Teacher Training in 2010. They combined their love for travel with teaching and went on to teach in America, Vienna, Thailand, Canada and back home they went on to teach in many studios around London and Brighton. 

Ricardo - Ricardo found that his area of employment was far too physically challenging and time-consuming in his everyday life. Practising yoga after the working day was a way to de-stress and re-energise. Through practising regularly, he quickly realised the meditative and physical benefits. He discovered that he wanted to make yoga his lifestyle choice and decided to embark on becoming a teacher.

Ricardo competed in the Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup yoga competition in 2011 and 2012 and did extremely well placing 2nd in both competition respectively. He is happy to be doing something that really inspires and changes people's lives. Ricardo also teaches at ‘Yoga in the Lanes’, Brighton.

Ayesha - Ayesha is diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis having developed the condition in her early 20s, whilst studying at university, where she found it a struggle to attend lectures. However, with sheer perseverance she went on to complete her degree with BSc Hons. As the condition deteriorated, Ayesha found herself unable to physically manage on a daily basis.  This forced her to return to the home of her parents in order to receive the necessary care. 

Doctors disclosed that by age thirty she was likely to be in a wheelchair due to this debilitating disease. In a bid to find a cure she tried various medicines, natural remedies and a series of treatment but to no avail.  Eventually, having attended a taster class in Bikram yoga 10 years’ ago the benefits were immediate - she no longer needed a walking stick. There was a noticeable and significant reduction in pain and inflammation in the joints. The more intense the practise, the more beneficial it was to her body.  Motivated, and with renewed confidence, she decided to enter the Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup yoga competition which was recommended by one of her teachers. With sheer determination and perseverance Ayesha went on to win the title in 2013, becoming UK Yoga Champion. Ayesha is also a Yoga Alliance certified pre and post-natal pregnancy yoga and baby and mother yoga.

They both teach yoga with compassion, resolve and positivity and hopes to inspire all those around them. They are now married and are parents to two young children.