The Essentials

  • If you are new, please arrive 20mins before class for registration
  • For your class, please bring a mat and 2 towels(1 towel for the mat is essential and 1 for shower is optional)
  • Small bottle of Water(Hydrate well before class)
  • Wear light yoga gear as it gets hot.

The Yoga will take care of the rest.

The Studio Etiquette 

  • When placing your mat in the studio, please be aware of others around you and especially those behind you. When lying on your mat make sure your feet faces the door
  • Once you are in the room, please try to remain in the room
  • Only take your mat, water and one mat size towel into the hot room. There are lockers provided(refundable £1)
  • Please leave your shoes in the changing rooms, no shoes are allowed inside the studio
  • Remain silent at the end Savasana until you have left the room.